DTE Code: 3460
DTE Code: 3460


Institution of Engineering and Technology

About IET

  • IET is one of the world’s largest engineering institutions with over 167,000 membersin 150 countries. It is also the most multidisciplinary – to reflect the increasingly diverse nature of engineering in the 21st century.
  • It is working to engineer a better world by inspiring, informing and influencing our members, engineers and technicians, and all those who are touched by, or touch, the work of engineers.
  • It represents the engineeringprofession in matters of public concern and assists governments to create awareness about engineering and technological issues.
  • It provides advice on all areas of engineering, regularly advising Parliament and other agencies.
  • IET was organised on 20thJanuary 2019 in Universal College of Engineering.

Activities in UCoE under IET

PATW – Present Around The World

Present Around The World (PATW) is an annual IET technical presentation competition in which students and young professionals are able to give a 10-minute presentation on an engineering or technology subject of their choice (followed by a 5 minute question and answer session). The judging is split by 30% technical content and 70% presentation skills, enabling individuals at varying levels of their studies or career to participate.

There are different levels for the competition; this is the first round which is at university level.

If the students win they are qualified for the next round. The final round will be held in London.

The competition was held on 9th March 2019 in Universal College of Engineering.

Students from different colleges had participated in this event.

The details for the winner and runner-up are mentioned below:


Name: Rudra Apurva Chauhan 

Branch: Civil Engineering

College: Universal College of Engineering, Vasai

Topic Name: Pavement Applications of No-Fines Concrete


Name: Ayush Shetty

Branch: Computer Engineering

College: Universal College of Engineering, Vasai

Topic Name: Mixed Reality in Healthcare

Workshop on Basis of IoT

The Worksop was conducted on 30th March 2019 in Universal College of Engineering. It was for all the students of the college from different departments.

Speaker of the workshop were Shashank Karn and Kedar Davate.

There were 30 students. They were divided into different groups and hands-on experience were given to the all the students on the IoT kits provided to them.

They performed many small experiments and on that basis the students were observed and the best group was given the IoT kit as prize. So in future they could analyse, develop and work on that kit.

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