DTE Code: 3460
DTE Code: 3460

Women Development Cell

The Womens Development Cell (WDC) aims to promote awareness on gender equality and gender sensitisation in the society and among students in particular. Towards this end, the students are encouraged to undertake various research projects, participate in debates and awareness campaigns. In keeping with the goal of women empowerment, the cell conducts self-defence programmes for girl students and operates a Grievance Cell for urgent and effective handling of any gender related issues.

WDC committee member Prof. Kanchan Dabre had conducted session for Nagla ZP School girls on health and hygiene, good touch and bad touch. Session was made interactive by the use of animated videos and songs.

The time slot for school visit and faculty availability checking work was taken care by computer student Ms. Vaishali Jadhav a student member of WDC.

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