DTE Code: 3460
DTE Code: 3460

Applied Science & Humanities

At the forefront of the other disciplines of engineering studies, Applied Science and Humanities Department with a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced professionals is committed to serve the needs of various branches of Engineering by providing a favourable environment which motivates students to utilise their fullest possible potential for self-development in various aspects of life. The Department promotes the applied nature of Sciences and Humanities to develop a sustainable foundation as part of the Engineering Education. The department prepares students for core engineering branches by educating them in the basic sciences of physics; chemistry and mathematics and Engineering Mechanics and Engineering Drawing in the first year. Environmental studies make our students stewards of the environment that sustains us, our families and communities now and in the future. The English Communication skills, which are an integral part of the syllabus, strive to produce graduates of international repute with effective communication skills, soft skills and interpersonal skills and promote a commendable transformation when they are ready to face the placements.


The department of Applied Science and Humanities is committed to dynamically integrate the components of sciences, humanities and engineering to groom the students to become globally acknowledged professionals.


The department is carrying a mission to create and disseminate the knowledge and techniques in intellectual areas at the interferences between areas of engineering and other core areas of Applied Science and Humanities for the betterment of eco-system.

To inculcate the importance of applied science and develop a natural flair for engineering and technology which in turn shall mold the students into a competent professional.

To be recognized for practicing the best teaching-learning processes to create highly competent, resourceful and self-motivated young engineers for benefit of society.

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