DTE Code: 3460
DTE Code: 3460

Data Engineering

The exponential growth of data generated by machines and humans present unprecedented challenges and opportunities. From the analysis of this “big data”, businesses can learn key insights about their customers to make informed business decisions. Scientists can discover previously unknown patterns hidden deep inside the mountains of data. In this program, students will learn key techniques used to design and build big data systems and gain familiarity with data-mining and machine-learning techniques that are the foundations behind successful information search, predictive analysis, smart personalization, and many other technology-based solutions to important problems in business and science.

Duration of Program: 4 years (8 Semesters)
Seats: 60

Area of study in Data Engineering

  • Introduction to Data Engineering
  • Basic Language Requirement: Python
  • Solid Knowledge of Operating Systems
  • In-Depth Database Knowledge – SQL and NoSQL
  • Data Warehousing – Hadoop, MapReduce, HIVE, PIG, Apache Spark, Kafka
  • Basic Machine Learning Familiarity

Job profiles in Data Engineering

Data Architect: A data architect lays down the foundation for data management systems to ingest, integrate and maintain all the data sources. This role requires knowledge of tools like SQL, XML, Hive, Pig, Spark, etc.

Database Administrator: As the name suggests, a person working in this role requires extensive knowledge of databases. Responsibilities entail ensuring the databases are available to all the required users, is maintained properly and functions without any hiccups when new features are added.

Data Engineer: The master of the lot. A data engineer, as we’ve already seen, needs to have knowledge of database tools, languages like Python and Java, distributed systems like Hadoop, among other things. It’s a combination of tasks into one single role.

Prominent industries that apply DE

The course targets placements and internships in top data science companies like Google, Facebook, IBM, Cisco Systems, Salesforce,   and in domains such as finance, business, economics, and healthcare.

Why join UG program in DE?

Becoming a data engineer takes time and personal investment, but the journey is exciting and well worth it!

If you are wondering where to get started, UCOE has an industry designed curriculum to set you on the right track.


To build a learning and research environment in the field of Data Engineering that promotes learning towards betterment of the society.


To provide an academic environment for the development of professionals in the field of Data Engineering.

To educate students in technology competencies by providing professionally committed faculty and staff.

To inculcate ethical values and leadership abilities in the students to work towards the progress of the society



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