DTE Code: 3460
DTE Code: 3460


“I hear I forget, I see I remember, I do I understand.” – Confucius

Indeed it is the golden rule for every student. Hands-on practicals are the crux of engineering education. Thus, we have taken care of investing rightly and have provided fully equipped laboratories to facilitate students in practical training for all streams may it be Civil, ExTC, Electronics, IT and Computer.

Civil Engineering Labs

Our laboratories for the Civil stream are fully equipped to help students assimilate the concepts holistically.

A rare feature in engineering colleges is a wind tunnel. A wind tunnel is a tool used in aerodynamic research to study the effects of air moving past solid objects. A wind tunnel consists of a tubular passage with the object under test mounted in the middle. Air is made to move past the object by a powerful fan system or other means. The test object, often called a wind tunnel model, is instrumented with suitable sensors to measure aerodynamic forces, pressure distribution, or other aerodynamic-related characteristics. UCoE has set up wind tunnel for Civil Engineering department. This setup is used to study wind effect on designs of buildings.

EXTC & Electronics Labs

Electronics sector is a key player in the economy and one of the most globalised industries in the world. It is a strategic enabler and a driving force for all the services, be it Internet, telecom, aviation, energy, banking, or precision engineering industries. The rapidly growing Indian electronics industry can be broadly categorised into six segments. They are consumer electronics (the largest chunk of the market), industrial electronics, strategic electronics, computers, communication and broadcasting equipment and electronic components.

A key focus in the EXTC and ETRX department of UCOE is research and development leading to innovative products.

Computer and IT laboratories of these streams are equally equipped with hardware and software to enable students to stay updated with the latest in technology.



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