The Training-Internship-Placement program of our college has been moving from strength to strength through nurturing of value added relationships over the years. Every year, new milestones are established which speaks well for the strengths of our student community as well as the diversity of academic program offered.
Our final year students have already undergone a robust training program and several recruitment drives for various renowned companies. Our campus recruitment program organised in the penultimate semester of the program has successfully met the HR
needs of leading recruiters. With their diversity and well-balanced technical and soft skills, our students are well equipped to contribute towards the success of the organization they will be joining.
One of the unique features of our college is that we initiated internship of our students in large corporates and SMEs from the time when they completed their 2nd year. Hands-on experience at such an early age, which thereafter will continue on completion of their 3rd year will give them good enough clarity and connect to the corporate world. An early
exposure to the corporate world gives them more number of opportunities to show-case themselves to the outside world and their sincere work will lead to them being placed in companies of their choice.
The internship and placement pattern of the current year can be gauged from the following list of the companies who are connected with us for internship and final placement: