Your years at UCoE can be a time to really develop yourself as a person. You can develop the skills and talents you already have, and add some new strings to your bow.

There are so many opportunities on offer @ UCoE where you can either be creative yourselves or enjoy watching others be creative.

Being involved in the running of the college’s social network, student newspaper, blog, and other publications is a fantastic way of demonstrating your creativity that you may need for future careers.

There’s lots to do in the College and the surrounding area.

There could be something you’ve always wanted to try – now’s the time.

There are many clubs and societies you can join where you have the chance to meet new people and try new things.

We believe a student’s campus life should be as fulfilling outside the classroom as it is inside.

Universal offers a wide variety of round-the-year social, sporting and cultural activity calendar, which introduces students to new friends and interests.

You are not just preparing for the Engineering degree and your future career – you’re preparing for the rest of your life.

Whether for exercise, entertainment or enlightenment, there are a lot of interesting activities on campus.