Overview of Information Technology (IT) Engineering

IT Engineers have changed forever the landscape of communications (personal & enterprise), media & entertainment. IT Engineers enable a James Cameron to make a Titanic or Avatar or a Mark Zuckerberg to make a Facebook. Behind every successful game – from Angry Birds to Farmville to the Playstation, lies an IT engineering. It is due to the efficiency of the software program written by ingenious IT engineers that our banking system can handle millions of transactions per hour or a mega e-governance project like UID (Aadhar) can come to life.

Course Overview

Our four-year full-time course culminates in a Mumbai University B.E. degree in Information Technology (IT) engineering.
Our course aims are producing competent IT Engineers who are not only experts in the field of IT Engineering but also competent in the other fields that are essential requirements for being a good IT Engineer, i.e. management, mathematics, physics & economics.
The course blends basic science, mathematics & engineering theory with practical visits to internet data centres (IDCs), animation workshops and media labs.
Apart from academics, the course imparts students with the skills so they can excel in business acumen, inter-personal relationships, team play, ethical behaviour & technical leadership.
At the end of the course, you will be ready to join the industry as an Engineering professional or to continue post-graduate studies in Engineering, Technology or Management.

We have reached to third year level in this stream and many activities are carried out such as workshop on Robotics and under national skill development workshop on network security, expert lecture on MIS and stress management for faculty is also conducted.

Computing underpins modern life. The link between current research in computing and commercial product is critical to the continuing success of the IT industry. Our students are well placed to have both the background knowledge in the research areas and the technical and professional skills required to lead the design and development of future applications.

You will have access to specialist facilities, including a variety of superbly equipped laboratories containing both Linux and Microsoft platforms. Research facilities are especially important to undergraduates undertaking internships and final-year projects. For example, project students have access to a 53 megapixel powerwall display using Matlab and a dedicated 3D virtual reality suite, a new cloud computing testbed and dedicated laboratories providing high-specification, dual-display Linux workstations, iPad, Mac and Android development areas. Our new study zones provide you with high-quality space for individual study and group work. They also include online access, flexible space for project meetings and presentations, and room to relax between studies.
With audio and video lecturing student is given more insite about the complete working of a model which increases understanding and innovative qualities. Tie ups with Universities and Workshops help them for over all development.

Faculty Overview

Our faculty are qualified, professionally experienced and have excellent visibility of the trends in the field of IT Engineering.

Our faculty have well-rounded knowledge and experience in imparting knowledge, not only in the core discipline of IT Engineering but also related disciplines and subdisciplines such as Virtual Reality, Object-Oriented Design, Cloud Computing, Open-Source Software, Mobile Apps, etc.

Our faculty engage in inter-disciplinary research, present papers and publish books frequently, thus expanding their academic horizons. They are also adept at using lab and workshop equipment.