24 Apr

Our Civil Engineering students have made us proud by going on an ‘IIT winning spree!’ They have ruled the Bridge Design Challenge at IIT Kanpur’s event TECHRITI 2017 by bagging the FIRST, SECOND and THIRD PRIZE in the competition. A special shoutout to the 3rd Prize winners which comprised of an all girls group. We take special initiatives to encourage our girls promoting the role of ‘Women in Engineering’.
Our students also won 2 competitions at IIT Rourkee’s event COGNIZANCE 2017. They secured the SECOND RUNNER UP position at WAY-E-RIVIERA and CITY OF SMART CLANS.
Our students also won the Seismism competition at IIT Mumbai’s event AAKAR.
CONGRATULATIONS to all our talented and hardworking students. Awaiting many more accolades from our future engineers!