“All the faculty members are supportive, highly qualified and have more knowledge of their particular subject. They are very positive about students’ progress and they strive hard for the progress of the students.” – Mrs. Durga Kadam (Mother of Ms. Apeksha Kadam, 4th year student)

“My daughter gets all her doubts cleared in the college itself from the faculties who are well educated & up to the mark. So she doesn’t need any extra classes to be joined apart from college. The labs are all well-equipped.” – Mrs. Daksha Thakkar (Mother of Ms. Komal Thakkar, 3rd year student)

“UCOE provides expert lectures, industrial visits, workshops so that students get practical knowledge as well. UCOE conducts so many extra-curricular and co-curricular activities so that students develop their condifence and skills.” – Mr. Jayantilal Dodiya (Father of Ms. Bhavika Dodiya, 4th year student)

“In totality, UCOE is a great college with mesmerizing infrastructure and I’m sure it will lead to one of the top college of Mumbai in the coming years.”  – Mr. Narendra Sanil (Father of Jasmita Sanil, 3rd year student)

“UCOE is the best place to live in. Everything here is just perfect. There are lot more activities besides only studying. So students enjoys a lot participating in events and also participating in organizing events.” – Mr. Harsh Shah, 4th year student.

“The labs have all the latest and updated equipments. The pracitcals are carried out regularly in complete sync with the syllabus. Few extra practicals are also conducted to impart more technical knowledge to students.”   – Ms. Aayushree Joshi, 3rd year student

“Infrastructure is clean, big and best which is used for all the functions. Good common rooms for boys and girls. We have proper ground for sports event. UCOE provides all the facilities and support for its students, proper guidance, good infrastructure and very nice environment; thus is one of the most good colleges in India.” – Mr. Prathamesh Mane, 4th year student

“In our college, the faculties are very good, they are qualified not only in my stream but in all the streams. Mostly the teaching staff here is young, hence they are helpful and motivate us to participate in activities. They always try to teach the subject in an easiest way so that the students approach towards the subject becomes positive, clearing all the doubts.” – Mr. Siddhesh Kawle, 4th year student

“The expert lectures, industrial visits, workshops have improved the practical knowledge of the students. Especially the industrial visit was the best organization of UCOE. – Ms. Kinnari Sutaria, 2nd year student.

“If I talk about the faculty it is one of the best. Teachers are highly qualified. They are very humble and always encourage us and help us not only in studies but also in extra-curricular activities which are hled in the college. They always motivate us so that we can show our hidden talents and can be recognized.” – Ms. Rutuja Shinde, 3rd year student