Overview of Electronics Engineering

Electronics Engineers pioneered modern technological miracles such as the telegraph, the radio, the telephone and the television.

Through the magic of transistors, capacitors, resistors, diodes and inductors, Electronics Engineers gave birth to the bullet train, the microwave, the digital calculator, the battery and the printer.

The field of Electronics Engineering is ever-evolving. Advances in Electronics Engineering fuel R&D in many other Engineering disciplines such as Telecommunications, Instrumentation & Computers.

Course Overview

Our four-year full-time course culminates in a Mumbai University B.E. degree in Electronics engineering.
Our course aims are producing competent Electronics Engineers who are not only experts in the field of Electronics Engineering but also competent in the other fields that are essential requirements for being a good Electronics Engineer, i.e. management, mathematics, physics & economics.
The course blends basic science, mathematics & engineering theory with practical visits to battery manufacturing plants, PCB factories and VLSI labs.
Apart from academics, the course imparts students with the skills so they can excel in business acumen, inter-personal relationships, team play, ethical behaviour & technical leadership.
At the end of the course, you will be ready to join the industry as an Engineering professional or to continue post-graduate studies in Engineering, Technology or Management.

We have reached to third year level in this stream and many activities are carried out such as expert lectures in the areas of power electronics, embedded systems, raspberry pi and industrial visit at Copper Track and Sandeep Electronics at Igatpuri.

The field of electronic and electrical engineering is exceptionally dynamic and technological change is rapid. Our groundbreaking research is an important feature of our courses and feeds directly into teaching. You will be taught by academics at the forefront of their subject in an environment where knowledge is created. Through our research and the funding it attracts, we are able to invest in world-class facilities and staff who will enthuse and inspire you.

You will have access to excellent facilities, including research laboratories equipped with the latest technology, to give you a creative and stimulating learning environment.
Our practical electronics teaching areas include the Farnell-sponsored embedded systems laboratory and the Agilent Technologies wireless communications laboratory, featuring professional standard equipment such as Agilent’s bench-top spectrum analysers, signal generators and 6000 series oscilloscopes.
You will also have access to a range of research facilities for your final-year projects, such as the best terahertz electronics facility and a cleanroom for nanotechnology research.
With audio and video lecturing student is given more insite about the complete working of a model which increases understanding and innovative qualities. Tie ups with Universities and Workshops help them for over all development. Intense working and teaching enviromnet which helps in to motivate towards innovation. Seasoned with reqular practice and guidance by expert teachers internal and external. Research Departments help in to make amazing things in a better package.

Faculty overview

Our faculty are qualified, professionally experienced and have excellent visibility of the trends in the field of Electronics Engineering.

Our faculty have well-rounded knowledge and experience in imparting knowledge, not only in the core discipline of Electronics Engineering but also related-disciplies and sub-disciplines such as power electronics, medical electronics, radio engineering, embeddded systems, etc.

Our faculty engage in inter-disciplinary research, present papers and publish books frequently, thus expanding their academic horizons. They are also adept at using lab and workshop equipment.