• Winner in Technical Project Exhibition held at Vidya Prasarak Mandal’s Polytechnic College, Thane
  • Certificate of consolation in National Level Project & Poster Competition “Eureka 2016” held at Dr. D. Y. Patil College of Engineering, Pune
  • Participation Certificate in “EXPO’16” held at IET Karmaveer, Nashik
  • Participation Certificate in “IEEE OMEGA”, Atharva College of Engineering, Mumbai


Computer Engineers contribute enormously to the progress of modern human life. It is computer Engineers who enhance the efficiency of power distribution networks, build the next-generation stock market platform, design robots with artificial intelligence, build scalable data warehouses that powers search engines and allow a grandfather to video-chat with his grandkids over Skype.

Course Overview

Our four-year full-time course culminates in a Mumbai University B.E. degree in Computer and Information Technology (IT) engineering.
Our course aims are producing competent Computer Engineers who are not only experts in the field of Computer Engineering but also competent in the other fields that are essential requirements for being a good Computer Engineer.

At the end of the course, you will be ready to join the industry as an Engineering professional or to continue post-graduate studies in Engineering, Technology or Management.
Universal College of Engineering has excellent connections to IT companies based in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad & Gurgaon, which help students obtain internship positions during summer & permanent jobs graduation.

Expert lecture, seminar on computer hardware and peripherals, expert lecture on Organizational behavior and stress management for faulty.

Faculty overview

Our faculty are qualified, professionally experienced and have excellent visibility of the trends in the field of Computer Engineering.

Our faculty have well-rounded knowledge and experience in imparting knowledge, not only in the core discipline of Computer Engineering but also related disciplines and subdisciplines such as Artificial Intelligence, Digital Signal Processing and Robotics.

Our faculty engage in inter-disciplinary research, present papers and publish books frequently, thus expanding their academic horizons. They are also adept at using lab and workshop equipment.


Introductory workshop by Computer Society of India

Big Data, Android App Achievements: & Web App Designing Universal College of Engineering connected with the esteemed Computer Society of India (CSI) to form CSI-UCOE Student Chapter. Dr. Sureshchandra J. Gupta, the Chairman of CSI Mumbai Chapter conducted a session on the ways in which the students can benefit with the help of CSI, viz. subsidized certification programs, sponsorship for projects, etc. He also spoke about Infocomm International, a globa leader offering audio-visual education and certification.
Analytical data of various branches of CSI and its members, about the CSI student portal, careers in research, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and introduction to SAP and cloud computing were few other topics covered by various eminent speakers.

Big Data, Android App Achievements: & Web App Designing

Workshops were conducted by Mr. Henry R.P. -IBM Certified Application Developer, Mr. Jimit Patel – Sr. Android Developer, Stylabs , Prof. Anuradha Bhatia -Associate Professor at Vivekanand College ,Prof.Linkhesh Kolhe -Asst. Professor at Terna College of Engineering and Mr. Prasad Parab – Sr. Software Engineering, Mastech.
The sessions comprised of topics such as the Industrial Approach on BigData, Real life large data application on twitter data analysis, fraud detection, text mining were major topics covered under Big Data Industrial Approach, Application Development in Android OS, Basic theory of Android, IDE Android Studio and Components of Android.
Hands-on projects on Mobile App Development were also practiced. This Short Term Training Program was approved by the CSI and IETE as well.

Windows Movie Maker

A workshop on Windows Movie Maker was arranged by the college. Windows Movie Maker is a feature of Windows Vista that enables to create home movies and slide shows, with professional-looking titles, transitions, effects and music. Initially, students were explained the use of the Software and also the installation. A brief explanation of various tools and features used in creating a new Movie with image edit and filter options were demonstrated. Importing and editing Slide-Shows and videos were practiced.

Adobe Photoshop Workshop

A Workshop on Adobe Photoshop was arranged by the college. Students were explained the use of the Software. Further information was delivered on the installation, from where and how to download. Brief explanation was given on various tools and features of Adobe Photoshop. Creating a new Photoshop document was taught. Working
with Photoshop palettes was practiced. Students were explained importing and exporting images and their formats. Detailed explanations were given on the use of Photoshop tools. Layers palette, creating, naming, viewing the layers were explained.

Fruity Loops

Fruity Loop is a complete software music production environment or Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Representing more than 18 years of innovative developments it has everything you need in one package to compose, arrange, record, edit, mix and master professional quality music. FL Studio is now one of the world’s most popular DAWs and is used by the most creative artists. A workshop on Fruity Loops was organised at the college. This software is used in industries which reduces the human effort to a greater extent. With the help of this software, tempo can be changed easily which was a difficult task earlier.


LaTeX is a high-quality typesetting system. It includes features designed for the production of technical and scientific documentation. LaTeX is he de facto standard for the communication and publication of scientific documents. A Latex Workshop was arranged for the students. Students were explained the use of this Software. Brief explanation of the various tools and features of LaTeX software was delivered.

InfoComm project

Availability of AV manpower is a major issue for the pro-AV industry in India. Finding a trained and experienced person is a challenge. One challenge for Indian AV integrators is finding staff that understands both AV and IT. -InfoComm, 2014 Market Definition and Strategy Study: India Digital India and 100 Smart Cities initiatives will further grow the AV market – and AV companies need a talented pool of graduates from which to hire. The college thus hosted a workshop by inviting eminent speakers of CSI, viz. Dr. Sureshchandra Gupta, CSI Chairman and Mr.
Sudhir Dhage, CSI Counselor to conduct this workshop.

Quad Copter

This workshop was arranged by ARK Techno Solutions to encourage students on very interesting upcoming topic of Quad Copter. Content of complete program included Embedded systems design, Introduction to controllers and embedded systems design, Working principle, Constructional concepts, Quad copter frame, 2.4Ghz radio
communication, Radio transmitter, Transmitter controls, Controls corresponding stabilization techniques, Power limitations, Types of power sources, Antenna arrangement, Coverage considerations, Orientations of Quad in terms of coverage distance, Radio receiver, Considerations & concepts of stability, Component explanation of the
board, Basic layout of board, Microcontroller operation, BLDC Motors, Propellers, Electronic speed controller, Construction of Quad copter, Simulation of flight in FMS, Flying precautions and Flying session.


Technical Talk on Digital Forensics

A Technical Talk was delivered by Mr. Sridhar Iyer. Topics covered in the lecture were:
• Introduction to Digital Forensics: Incident Response Methodology & Activities in Initial Response.
• Forensic Duplication: Volatile Data Collection from Windows and Unix & Forensic Duplication Tools.

Current Trends and job opportunities in IT

Mr. Vishal Dode, Business Relationship Manager – TCS-iON Tata Consultancy Services was invited as Guest Speaker who conducted this seminar. Here are some points on which he shared his views and experience:
a) TCS Registration for Off campus
b) TCS paper pattern
c) Current trends in IT industry
d) Job opportunities in various domains in IT
e) Improvement in Technical skills
f) Extra Certification Courses (if required)
g) View towards small scale industry opportunities
h) Preparation for campus placement
i) Importance of B.E. project for placement
j) Poster and Paper presentation participation
k) Your Experience of fresher recruitment
Other Lectures

Guest sessions form an integral part of engineering studies which nourish student engineers with latest know-how in various fields. Experts from academia and industry need to interact with students for mutual benefits, thus creating a lively ecosystem of knowledge sharing and creativity. Hence considering the same, stalwarts from the industry
such as follows were invited:
• Topic: Software Architecture by Dr. Radha Sankarmani, SPIT
• Topic: Mock Interview Skills by Mr. Vishal Dhode – TCS & Mr. R. P. Henry – IBM
• Topic: Digital Future in Education by Ms. Pooja Pattar – DFOE Pvt. Ltd.
• Topic: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development by Prof. Kiran Talele, SPIT
• Topic: Careers in Mahindra & Mahindra by Mr. Suresh Shan, Mahindra Finance
• Topic: Career Guidance by Prof. Nazneen Ansari, SFIT
• 1 day Seminar on Web Programming By Mr. Harsh Mehta owner of Leo9 studio
• Half Day Seminar on Computer Simulation and Modeling by Prof. Godson D’silva, TCET


• A visit to MTNL’s Centre for Excellence in Telecom Technology and Management was conducted to help students understand how exactly the communication takes place from the process of the transmitter to the process of the communication ending with the receiver.
• Industrial Visit to E. G. Pharmaceuticals and Oil and Natural Gas Commission in Himachal Pradesh.
• A visit to Auto Cluster, Pune