Archivia, the library is a treasure house of thousands of Books, Reference Titles, Annual Reports, Market Studies, National & International Newspapers, National & International Journals, Electronic Journals, eBooks & iTunesU Podcasts. Faculty and students use the library as an invaluable resource for business information and as a quiet place to study, alike.   Dedicated library staff ensure that students have full access to the resources they need to meet their academic requirements.

 Print Resources
  1. Over 950 titles & over 10,500 books
  2. Various conference proceedings
  3. Over 30 National & 10 international journals
  4. Various Magazines
  5. Various Bound Volumes
  6. Various Thesis
  7. Various Newspapers
  8. Digital Library
National & International Journals
  1. International Journal of Mechanical Automobile Engineering and Research
  2. International Journal of Micro and Nanotechnologies
  3. International Journal of Civil and Building Engineering
  4. International Journal of Environment and Architecture
  5. International Journal of Electric Power
  6. International Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  7. International Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering
  8. International Journal of Electronics Engineering and Telecommunication
  9. International Journal of Computer Science and Mathematics
  10. International Journal of High Performance Computing Networking & Applications
  11. Indian Journal of Advanced and Applications in Fluid Mechanics
  12. Indian Journal of Advanced in Material Science in Engineering
  13. Indian Journal of Advanced in Tribology
  14. Indian Journal of Fluids Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
  15. Indian Journal of Mechanical Engineering
  16. Indian Journal of Engineering and Manufacturing Science
  17. Indian Journal of Advanced in Civil Engineering
  18. Indian Journal of Civil Engineering Research in Technology
  19. Indian Journal of Materials and Structural Systems
  20. Indian Journal of Structural  Engineering and Technology
  21. Indian Journal of Civil Engineering and Construction Technology
  22. Indian Journal of Wastewater Treatment and Green Chemistry
  23. Indian Journal of Electronic and Electrical Engineering Research
  24. Indian Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  25. Indian Journal of Electrical Engineering
  26. Indian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Research
  27. Indian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Technology
  28. Indian Journal on Electrical Engineering and Informatics
  29. Indian Journal of Electronic and Communication Research
  30. Indian Journal of Electronics and Communications
  31. Indian Journal of Electronics Systems and Control
  32. Indian Journal of Electronics Communications and Computer Engineering
  33. Indian Journal of Microcircuits and Electronic
  34. Indian Journal of VSLI Design
  35. Indian Journal of Advance in Wireless and Mobile Communications
  36. Indian Journal of Advance Networking and Computer Engineering
  37. Indian Journal of Advanced Software Engineering
  38. Indian Journal of Computer Graphics and Visualization
  39. Indian Journal of Networking and Computer Engineering
  40. Indian Journal of Robotics Applications

Archivia has a digital library corner with 7 computers for access to online and offline electronic resources. The institute has subscribed to to the following e-Jouurnals.

Publisher Subject Areas e-Content
IEEE Computer Engineering + Computer Science + Electrical and Electronics Engineering + Telecommunications and related disciplines IEEE- All Society Periodicals ePackage (ASPP) (145 eJournals) (2011) (Backfile  Access –  since 2000)
J-GATE J-GATE engineering and Technology (JET) 4700 indexed, free full text 1700
ASTM   Online dictionary of Engineering Science and Technology, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil, Metallurgical, Petroleum, Instrumentation ASTM DIGITAL LIBRARY 1,700 + EBOOK   13,000 + JOURNALS ARTICLES